About Me


Just a girl, out here, sipping Pinot Gris and talking shit.

What you need to know about me, before you get nose-deep in to my stories, is below in a short and sharp bullet point list….

  • I’m twenty-six. The perfect age to be regularly fucked over on the dating scene, and come up with hilarious juicy stories for you.
  • The Blog is inspired by Sex & The City, Bridget Jones Diary, Clueless, Gossip Girl, and all the fuck-boys in my life. 
  • Besides writing and dating, I live to travel, surf, snowboard, drive and drink wine. (Not drink drive, you idiots. I like to DRIVE, and then drink wine).
  •  I occasionally (always) walk on the wild side and make bad decisions because we honestly do ONLY LIVE ONCE. I say yes to every experience, make memories, work at being kind to others like those girls in the bathroom on a night out that offers you her mascara and suddenly you’re best friends…but I’m hoping you can laugh along with me, at the bad decision and stories, without judgement.

I want this to be a place people can come, read, and say “Girl, that happened to me just last week, I totally relate”. In our twenties we make mistakes, and do a lot of stupid shit…but we learn lessons along the way and god DAMN do we have fun doing it.

Enjoy xx